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DHA teams are known as the Detroit Dragons. They play house hockey in the Little Caesars Hockey League. The “ Little Caesars Amateur Hockey League (LCAHL),'' the nation's largest amateur youth hockey league. This League involves teams from all over America's Midwest, with more than 900 Travel and House Teams and over 16,000 players.

Dragons teams compete with other teams in Southeastern Michigan from Mite to Midget levels (seven to eighteen years of age). This USA Hockey age chart shows the various age divisions for the 2007-2008 season.

The Michigan Amateur Hockey Association (MAHA) is the governing body of hockey in the state of Michigan. Detroit is located in MAHA District 2. Players in these communities are considered “in district” and are eligible to be included in the active rosters of a Detroit Dragons team.

As with the DHA i-Program, the Dragons offer the most affordable competitive hockey in southeastern Michigan. Annual registration fees are only $300 and home ice is fully subsidized. Therefore, the only additional fees relate to ref and tournament fees.

Interested parents and players are encouraged to contact any Detroit Hockey Association officer for more information about the upcoming season. The links below provide registration forms for Detroit Dragons players and coaches, along with a copy of the DHA bylaws.

i-Program/DHA coaching


i-Program/DHA Equipment Sign Out Agreement

i-Program/DHA Player Contract 2007-2008

i-Program/DHA coaching


i-Program/DHA Equipment Sign Out Agreement

i-Program/DHA Player Contract 2011-2012


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