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The future of the Detroit Hockey Association depends on bringing young children and their families into the program. To support this mission and grow, the DHA delivers the most cost effective instructional program (i-Program) in Southeastern Michigan!

The DHA i-Program teaches kids three years old and older how to skate, pass, shoot, and follow directions. DHA coaches are trained and certified by USA Hockey. The i-Program is open to young children (boys & girls) from three years old on up.

The DHA strongly encourages parents and caregivers to attend introductory USA Hockey coaching clinics and learn about the great game of hockey along with their children. The i-Program costs only $150.00 for the entire season (late October through April). Instructional sessions are held from 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM on Saturday mornings.

Please note i-Program participants pay no ice time, and $75 of the annual fee is a deposit for full equipment sets including all pads, pants, skates, socks, jerseys & sticks. Their parents are responsible for supplying cups, mouth guards, skate sharpening, tape, and knowing how to dress their children for hockey.

Don't worry parents. You don't need to have hockey experience to help your child with hockey. DHA i-program coaches are there to answer your questions.

As the DHA continues to grow, there will be an increasing need for new coaches. Please feel free to contact any Detroit Hockey Association officer for more information about the upcoming season.

The links below provide registration forms for i-Program players and coaches, along with a copy of the DHA bylaws.

i-Program/DHA coaching


i-Program/DHA Equipment Sign Out Agreement

i-Program/DHA Player Contract 2007-2008

i-Program/DHA coaching


i-Program/DHA Equipment Sign Out Agreement

i-Program/DHA Player Contract 2011-2012

Come on out and skate Metro Detroit!

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